For the sake of sustainability

A short stay at the Hirben ... A deep breath ...

Are you one of us?

The forest is like a refuelling station: a place where human beings can top up their energy. Wood breathes, and fills us with vitality. And that is not only true of the forest but also of our hotel, which is mainly built of wood. Indeed, our ecological hotel in South Tyrol is not just a place to stay, but also a centre of well-being and a source of regeneration. It's also like a lucky charm for the superstitious... A place where you can always touch wood, as it's all around you! This natural setting is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

Fir, larch, Swiss pine:
nature has given us something very precious.

Ecological hotel

We don't just talk the talk.

We put our ideas into practice. We've built an ecological hotel that respects the natural environment, and makes a real contribution in terms of sustainability. As we can't live without the natural world, we need to start living with it, and on its behalf.

Sustainability, both inside and out

Our environmentally sustainable building is made of high quality wood, and is a certified "CasaClima" with a Class A energy rating. The facade is in local larch. The main structure is made from South Tyrolean fir. The walls are not plastered. All the furnishings are made from natural materials. The pine-wood bedside tables give off a soothing aroma. Plastic is used as little as possible. We try to use only natural materials: for example, our heating system is fuelled by wood chips.


Sustainability is our byword

It's another way of looking at things, once you begin. Most of the ingredients we use in our kitchen are local, regional and seasonal, and many are also organic. Locally sourced.


Our suppliers

  • Meat and sausages: Weissteiner butcher's shop, Villabassa
  • Milk and dairy products: Tre Cime dairy, Dobbiaco
  • Eggs: "Premiumgoggilan from LONZA", Val Casies
  • Breakfast cereals and similar products: Schmiedhofer mill, Villabassa
  • Organic bread: Amhof bakery, Valle di Casies
  • Jams and marmalades: Unterweger Früchteküche, Assling
  • Potatoes: Brunico Agricultural Consortium
  • Strawberries: Val Casies
  • Fish: Auronzo & Salmone Dolomiti, Villabassa
  • Chives and other aromatic herbs: Botanical garden, Hirben Residenzhotel
Our suppliers

NEW: The charging station of the future

In order for you to be able to charge your car at any time during your vacation, we now have a charging station for your electric car at Hirben.

Car charging station