Winter hiking

Winter hiking paradise

in Pusteria Valley

“Because you were only really there if you walked it on foot.” You can look at it from all the angles you want, but Johann Wolfgang von Goethe didn't really get it that wrong. The best way to discover a unique landscape like this one is to do it quietly on foot. Step by step you can discover the wonder of nature behind every bend in Pusteria Valley on your winter hike. and the Dolomite mountain panorama will always accompany you.

Enjoying winter paradise …
… and the deep snow-covered scenarios of the 3 Peaks Dolomites holiday area, with an extensive hiking network, where some of the hiking trails are groomed. For those who prefer their snow pristine, you can also stomp through it knee-deep – here there is adventure for everyone! The best tips? We have them here, and will share them with you after your arrival. ;-)

P.S. Okay, there is another tip – a wellness tip as it were. Come in from the snow and go to the Sauna at the Hirben spa hotel Dolomites. Warm up your feet. Release tension. Enjoy deep relaxation from head to toe.

Winter hiking
Winter hiking with Fabian