Hoteliers & values

Charm, humour
& friendliness ...

NATURAL inside:
you're staying in a completely ecological wooden house.

NATURAL outside:
you're right in the heart of the beautiful Dolomites.

NATURAL flavours:
tasty dishes made with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

NATURAL behaviour:
"Always be yourself!" Because we too often put on different masks. Because all the others already exist. Because it's good for the soul. Here at the Hirben you're free to be yourself. There's no need to pretend here - we don't. We don't dress up, we show ourselves for what we are: honest, straightforward people, lovers of the quiet life, always cheerful and relaxed. It's all a question of values.

What being hoteliers means for us: Taking care of you and ensuring your happiness
while you're guests in our house. *

*So says a Finnish proverb, and we totally agree!



... her kingdom is the reception area, where she welcomes new guests with a genuine* smile on her face. You'll sometimes also see Barbara in the dining room, where she's always happy to have a chat.

*Would you like to know if Barbara ever gets cross? Well, maybe! But we always see her in a calm, sunny mood, and with a good word for everyone.



... is our nature expert, full of delightful quotes. He's in charge of our varied programme of activities: guided walks and cycle rides, and cross-country skiing in the winter months. He likes to ensure that everything perfect, both inside and out, producing that "wow!" effect from guests. In the evenings, he'll sit with them to help plan their trips. And, of course, there's always a toast with a good glass of grappino*.

*Fabian tells the most amazing stories. But be careful, because he's a good drinker and South Tyrol grappino can be deceptively strong. Please note: we can accommodate dogs at the Hirben, but not cats.



... loves everything that is local, regional, seasonal and organic. She directs everyone in the kitchen like a skilful conductor with an orchestra*. She likes to ensure that all our guests are looking forward to their meal, and leave the table fully satisfied.

*We know that the simplest things are best. And with her expert use of spices, aromatic herbs and fine ingredients, Siglinde can transform the simplest of dishes into a work of art. Her masterful cooking is a delight for every palate.



... is the person to contact for strategic decisions*. He also manages the purchase of timber for a sawmill, which is why he's often out. But you'll find him in the hotel nearly every evening, always happy to have a friendly chat about any topic.

*He might seem initially like a big, rough fellow. But in fact, under his tough exterior and straightforward manners, there's both a determined spirit and a tender heart. Though don't spread the word too freely ...


Moritz and Niklas and Samuel

Three little whirlwinds who are always happy to have someone to play with and always have an enchanting smile * for everyone.

* Just like their mummy!