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How do I best reach Niederdorf in the Puster Valley?

Niederdorf is easily accessible by car as well as public transportation such as trains and buses. The Niederdorf-Villabassa train station is well connected and served by many trains of the Puster Valley line, which connects the Puster Valley with larger cities such as Brunico, Bressanone, and Lienz. In addition, there are bus connections that connect Niederdorf with the surrounding villages and attractions.

What is the best time to travel for a holiday in the Puster Valley?

The best time to travel to the Puster Valley depends on your personal preferences and desired activities. The months from May to October are best for hiking, biking, and outdoor activities as the weather is usually pleasant, warm, and dry during this time. For skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, the months from December to March are ideal as the ski resorts in the area are snowsure and well prepared.

What activities does the Puster Valley offer in the summer?

summer. These include hiking on well-marked trails of varying difficulty levels, mountain biking on extensive networks of routes, climbing in climbing gardens and via ferratas, as well as golfing on picturesque golf courses. In addition, you can go horseback riding and participate in guided horseback riding tours in the area around Niederdorf. For water lovers, there are numerous swimming lakes and outdoor pools in the surrounding area, in addition to our 25m outdoor pool.

What ski resorts are near Niederdorf?

There are several ski resorts near Niederdorf that are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. The closest ski resort is the Kronplatz, which is about 15 km away and has modern lift facilities and well-prepared slopes. Other ski resorts in the area include the Three Peaks Dolomites and the Hochpustertal ski resort, both of which also offer a varied range of slopes and winter sports activities.

Are there bike rentals in Niederdorf?

Of course, we have several bicycles available for rent at Hirben. Whether you prefer an E-bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, or children's E-bikes, we have the right one for you. For your own bike, our lockable bike cellar is available. You can also join us for a weekly mountain bike tour. Please inquire at the reception for more information.

Where can I find information on guided hikes and tours?

We at Hirben offer our guests 2 guided hikes per week. Depending on whether you prefer a sporty tour or prefer to hike with the whole family, we can accommodate your wishes. Simply discuss your desired tour with our hiking guide and junior manager Fabian - better than any hiking app.

What sights are there to discover in the Puster Valley?

There are numerous sights and natural wonders to discover in the Puster Valley. These include the Pragser Wildsee, a picturesque mountain lake in the heart of the Dolomites, the Fanes-Sennes- Prags Nature Park, which boasts an impressive flora and fauna, as well as the Antholzer See, which is also a popular destination. Furthermore, you can visit the many picturesque villages and towns in the Puster Valley, which have historic buildings, charming old towns, and interesting museums such as the Messner Mountain Museum. We are happy to provide you with further information and tips on sights and excursion destinations in the surrounding area.

Can dogs stay in accommodations and on hiking trails in the Puster Valley?

Of course, your four-legged friends are also very welcome here. On most hiking trails, dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash. We are happy to assist you with any questions.

Are there any special culinary specialties in the Puster Valley?

South Tyrolean cuisine is well-known and beloved far beyond the regional borders. Many dishes, such as dumplings, bacon, and Kaiserschmarrn, are considered typical South Tyrolean specialties. At the Hirben, we place particular emphasis on using locally sourced, mostly organic products from nearby farmers, which is reflected in the quality and taste of the dishes we offer. In addition, there are numerous restaurants and inns in the Puster Valley where you can enjoy regional specialties.

Is Niederdorf suitable for families with children?

Yes, the Puster Valley, and specifically the town of Niederdorf, offers many family-friendly activities such as adventure parks, swimming pools, family hikes, and special children's programs at local events.

Are there cultural events and festivals in the Puster Valley?

There are various cultural events and festivals taking place throughout the year in the Puster Valley. These include the Speckfest in St. Magdalena, which takes place at the end of September or beginning of October and celebrates the traditional South Tyrolean bacon specialty. The Almabtriebsfest takes place between mid-September and early October and is a traditional festival where cows are driven down from the mountain pastures and there is a colorful program of music and culinary delights. The South Tyrolean Jazz Festival is another highlight, taking place at the end of June or beginning of July, where national and international artists perform in various locations in the Puster Valley.

What are the options for day trips from Niederdorf?

From Niederdorf, you can undertake numerous interesting day trips. These include trips to Bruneck, Brixen, or Lienz, all of which have historic old towns, interesting museums, and cultural attractions. The Misurina Lake and Dürrensee are also worthwhile destinations for day trips. In addition, you can visit the cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck, both rich in culture, history, and shopping opportunities. We are happy to provide you with further tips and recommendations for day trips that match your interests.

Which cable cars are open in the summer and offer a good view of the Dolomites?

Several cable cars in the vicinity of Niederdorf are open in the summer, offering breathtaking views of the Dolomites. These include the cable cars at Kronplatz, Helm, and Rotwand. These cable cars provide you with convenient and quick access to the highlands, from where you can undertake numerous hikes and activities. We are happy to inform you about the opening times of the respective cable cars and huts and provide you with tips for suitable hikes and tours. Of course, you can also join our guided hikes with Fabian.

Are there via ferrata and climbing gardens in the vicinity of Niederdorf?

There are several via ferrata and climbing gardens in the vicinity of Niederdorf, suitable for different difficulty levels and demands. Examples include the Landro climbing garden and the Rotwand via ferrata. Some routes are also suitable for beginners and less experienced climbers, so both experienced climbers and newcomers can find suitable options. We are happy to provide you with further information on the various via ferrata and climbing gardens and help you choose the right routes.

What traditional craft businesses can I visit in Pustertal?

There are several traditional craft businesses in Pustertal that you can visit to learn more about egional handicrafts. These include pottery workshops, blacksmiths, woodcarvers, and loden manufacturers. Many of these businesses offer tours and workshops where you can get hands-on experience with traditional crafts. At Hirben, we work closely with many local craft businesses and can assist you with organizing visits. We would be happy to provide recommendations on which businesses are particularly interesting and worth seeing.

What is the medical care like in Pustertal?

There are several hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies in Pustertal that ensure good medical care. The nearest hospital is located in Brunico, with additional hospitals in Bressanone and San Candido. In many towns, there are general practitioners, specialists, and dentists who can be consulted in case of need. Pharmacies are available in larger towns and cities in Pustertal, providing not only medication but also advice and a selection of toiletries.