A car-free holiday in South Tyrol

5 good reasons
to leave the car at home

Leave the BUSiness of driving to other people while on holiday.
Enjoy the freedom, a bit like those BUSy migratory birds: you'll soon get your bearings and you'll certainly save on the comBUStion of fuel! So, doesn't this seem like a good opportunity to try something new, like having a holiday in South Tyrol without your car?

1. No fuel costs, so more money for other activities!

No fuel costs, so more money for other activities - car-free holiday

What's the point of bringing your car if you don't use it? Indeed, the opposite is even more true... What's the point of having excellent public transport services right on your doorstep, if you don't take advantage of them? All the more so if these services are free! - with the use of a Holidaypass in winter and a Mobilcard in summer. We'll tell you more about this in a bit. You can use the money you save on fuel to take part in many other activities - more details later.

2. Travel at 300 km an hour!

Travel at 300 km an hour! - car-free holiday

Have you never wished you could just put your foot down and go from zero to a hundred in a few seconds? Get to your destination in the blink of an eye. Of course, you'd have to eliminate traffic lights, roundabouts and queues. But look at it this way: on a modern high-speed train you can easily travel at up to 300 km an hour. That sounds like a good compromise, doesn't it?

3. Mission Possible:

travel has never been easier!

  • Getting to South Tyrol is child's play, if you travel on Austrian, Swiss or German Railways. For example, there are five services a day from Munich - and with the so-called "South Tyrol connection ticket" and payment of a small surcharge, you can use all local public transport services on your day of arrival and departure.
  • If you're travelling inside Italy, the Frecciargento service (from Rome, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Trento or Rovereto), or the Frecciabianca service (from Milan, Turin, Venice, Trieste or Udine), will take you to Bolzano without the need to change. You an catch a modern regional train from there to Villabassa.
  • But what about your luggage? German Railways offer a luggage transport service to South Tyrol. Alternatively, the Insam Express courier service can collect your luggage and bikes from your home and deliver them to your holiday destination.

4. Use all public transport for free ...

Use all public transport for free

...and save money. During the winter, Barbara will give you a free Holidaypass, which entitles you to the free use of ALL public transport services throughout South Tyrol (public buses, city buses, ski buses, regional trains, the Maranza, San Genesio, Renon and Mendola cable cars, and the Renon narrow-gauge railway). But what about summer? During the summer months, you can use a Mobilcard. This offers the same services and costs € 23 per person for 3 days or € 28 for 7 days. It really is worth coming to South Tyrol without a car!

5. Last but not least ...

Public transport services

... Villabassa is in a wonderful location, very convenient for making full use of public transport services!

If you choose to travel by public transport, you are doing the environment a huge favour, but we don't need to stress the point because you know it too. But what you might not know is that Villabassa and all its side valleys, with all their sights, attractions, hiking trails and, of course, spectacular Dolomites, are easily accessible by bus or train. Also, the car-free solution allows you greater independence. This is especially true for hikes, as your point of departure is often different from your point of arrival.

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