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  • weekly MTB Südtirol tours (E-Bikes, Gravel, MTB, in the winter also with Fat E-Bikes) *
  • locked bicycle cellar
  • MTB rentals (E-Bikes, Gravel, MTB, children’s E-Bikes) & helmets (extra fee)
  • GPS device rental
  • Tours to download to your cellphone
  • GPS data to download to your GPS device
  • Tours to download to the Komoot APP
  • Area for bike repair and washing
  • Hiking maps, brochures and information about the area
  • Washing machine and dryer

*depending on the requests, subject to change

Our rental bikes


Mountain bike tours in Pusteria Valley: the classics

  • Cycling from San Candido to Lienz
    The "Drava cycle path" is a well-marked route with a reputation far beyond the borders of the region. It's suitable for any type of bike and any category of cyclist. It's best to start from Versciaco, where there's a large free car park, a bike rental shop and a service centre. The 44-km route with a 500-metre drop in level takes you to Lienz, the capital of East Tyrol. You can travel back in comfort on the train!
  • The Val Pusteria cycle path
    There's a huge network of cycle paths all over the Val Pusteria, which you can explore a little at a time: starting from Rio Pusteria, you can ride as far as Lienz in East Tyrol - a total of 105 km!
  • Sporting challenges for mountain bikers and endurance bikers
    You can ride to the top of five peaks, all different from each other. In addition to the famous Stoneman Trail, lovers of thrills and challenges can test themselves on the Bike Tour Circuit, the Single-Trail Enduro Traverse and the Dolomites Superbike course. The latest treat for endurance bike enthusiasts: the brand new Single-Track "Erla" Trail on the Orto del Toro.
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Bike holidays

Gravel biking: the adventure starts …

… where the asphalt ends: it becomes wild and flowing.
If you have never tried for yourself, you probably think it is only a bicycle with thick tyres that everyone uses now because it is “in”. Well, you are wrong. Gravel Bikes aren't a “One-Hit-Wonder”, rather a true game changer. Regardless if it is Dolomite gravel, ice or unsurfaced ground, this multitalent shows its talent not only on asphalt, but also far away from it. Gravel bikes are the best choice for everyone who doesn't know where they tour will take them, but need a bike to get them there. With a gravel bike you no longer need to be worried about the condition of the road.
At our bike rental area, you have the chance to rent a gravel bike and to explore the area with your host and cycling expert. Are you ready for a new terrain?

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Gravel Bikes

Stoneman: the challenge starts …

… in the middle of the breathtaking setting of the Dolomites.
The Stoneman offers two alternatives: one for hikers and one for cyclists. In both cases, participants have to follow a set route to various checkpoints, where they receive a stamp on their bracelets. The stamps are counted up to show how many kilometres participants have completed. Stoneman contestants are free to choose how many sections they complete each day. However, they have a maximum of 3 days to get to all the checkpoints and return to their starting point. Those who manage to cover the entire distance within the set time are awarded the exclusive Stoneman Trophy, personally designed by Roland Stauder!

Pssst! Our service for Stoneman participants!

As a Stoneman partner hotel we offer the following services:

  • 20 % discount on the Stoneman starter pack
  • 40 % discount on guided MTB tours
  • no minimum number of participants for 2 MTB tours every week

The philosophy behind it: everyone is a winner
Even though the aim of the Trail is more to have a special experience in a natural setting than to take part in a sports competition, participants still receive recognition for their efforts. The "finishers", or those who complete all the various routes, receive the coveted Stoneman Trophy in one of three versions: gold, silver or bronze. The type of award depends on the time taken to complete the course. Regardless of whether it's gold, silver or bronze, the trophy is not simply a test of performance, according to Roland Stauder, but rather a reminder of an amazing experience. This attractive point of view runs counter to the attitude so rooted in today's society, that judges everything in terms of performance.


Roland Stauder

The creator: back to nature
After 21 years on the road as a professional cyclist, Roland Stauder felt the need to return to his homeland. To go back to his roots, as they say. His greatest wish was to be able to enjoy the natural environment, regardless of sporting performance or technique. This wish came true with the Stoneman Trail. The former MTB professional decided that he would be personally responsible for its creation.

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