A break from the merry-go-round

Press the "Pause" button and stop the cycle!

Sometimes we don't even know where we've put our heads, with so many everyday worries whirling through our minds. There's always so much to do ... But sooner or later, every stage in life comes to an end. They last no longer than a butterfly. But if you've been trapped on your little plot for too long, without a glance at the world around you, then the time has definitely come to make a change to your life.

Enjoy tranquillity

Enjoy a bit of tranquillity, in a relaxing, welcoming environment, and forget about all your cares.

(Edgar Ott)

Travel mode: on.
A breath of fresh air in South Tyrol.

Forget about your mobile phone. Free yourself from the urgent need to be online and accessible all day long. For once, rebel against the system and log out. The watchword is: Digital Detoxing. Real life has nothing to do with the artificial world of the web. Wouldn't you like a taste of reality?


The greatest luxury nowadays is the time we set aside for ourselves.

A holiday should not be a check-list, or a competition for chalking up experiences and seeing and discovering the most things. After a proper holiday, you don't need another one to rest and build up your strength. So: our guests should not feel obliged to plan every minute of their holiday. They can also decide to do nothing at all. And enjoy every day as it comes. Spend the whole week relaxing in your apartment, enjoying the peace and quiet, and ignoring the rest of the world ... Why not?

And if at some point you feel the need to get out and take some exercise, you can go on a hike or a cycle ride with Fabian, or a relaxing family excursion.