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Urlaub mit Hund im Pustertal

Holidays in South Tyrol with your dog


* in human language:

He's always by your side, in good times and bad. He never complains, and comforts you when you're sad. He can be very irritating when he jumps into puddles and splashes you with mud, but then he turns to you with doleful eyes and your anger melts away. And when people ask him what sort of master you are, he'll always reply "WOW WOW!" He's your faithful 4-footed friend.


"Every relationship is unique.
Whether in the animal world or the human world."

(Kurt Kotrschal)

best friend ...

... he'll be treated like a Pasha here at the Hirben, whether he's a poodle, a labrador or a sheepdog. Holidays with your dog will be simply perfect in our new apartments with wooden floors, and balcony/loggia or private garden - here in the Val Pusteria, South Tyrol. And if the dog is happy, the owner is happy too!

One small rule: access to the restaurant, the wellness area, the swimming pool and the shared garden is limited to us "bipeds". But don't worry, you can take your dog on lots of trips and excursions here in South Tyrol, exploring the wonderful world of the Dolomites together.