Regional delights with the "Yum!" effect

Our recipe for a good mood: the Hirben's cuisine

Romantic souls believe they can live on love and air. But would they really want to sacrifice all the culinary delights of the Hirben? That would be a crying shame. Do we need to decide right away? No, flexibility is our philosophy of life: breakfast and/or dinner* can be booked on site when you want it.

* Please book dinner in the morning


But we say: Siglinde is the best cook.

Start your day in a grand way with our buffet breakfast

Some people like a hearty breakfast, including a plate of cold meat. Others prefer vitamin-rich foods and believe that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"! Then there are also those who like a sweet breakfast, and get really excited when they see our croissants, cakes and biscuits! Our varied and generous buffet breakfast, available from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., has something for every taste: freshly baked rolls, fruit, cereals, freshly ground seeds, yoghurt, local products, salami, cheeses, and many other delicious specialities. Aaaand, breakfast tastes twice as good in our new panorama dining room!

WE Rely on High-quality organic products.

and always know their origin.

A real experience for the senses: DINNER

Everything is a somewhat different at our Hirben Nature Hotel in South Tyrol. In a positive sense, of course. But, those who know and love us will you tell: We are anything but normal, so what your taste buds can look forward to will be something special. So we need something special and let the dreaming begin: There is no place for rigid, boring menus. Bella ciao to easy-going theme evenings, to cosy moments that become an experience. And arouse curiosity. Again and again. Holidays in nature at the Hirben.
Yes, we like that.

Dining in seventh Hirben-Heaven
19:00 to 20:00

  • NEW: The Panorama Restaurant & ALPINE Taste/bar
    ... is a real eye-catcher: from the delicacies on the plates, to the cosy living room atmosphere, to the dog lounge, the sun terrace with bar or the impressive views of the horizon and mountains. There is something here for everyone!
    P.S. Please inform reception of orders for the evening in the morning. Whether you dine in your own apartment (take-away) or in the restaurant is up to you.
  • NEW: The Hirbian art of cooking
    ... has grown into something special: You are in the best of hands with Siglinde and her kitchen team. The high-quality organic products that you will find on the plate, and in your glass mostly come from the South Tyrolean region. What is more: without gluten and lactose-free dishes are available on request. And vegetarian? Fresh from the pot every day.
    P.S. Kids get a personalised menu.