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Family holiday in Alta Pusteria: Where children’s eyes will light up!

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Having fun and discovering the world together – and everyone can do what they like best. That’s what a perfect family holiday is all about. Finally, no responsibility, no appointments and no stress! Let your kids run free in Alta Pusteria and let them experience a new adventure every day. Meanwhile, the parents can recharge their batteries and actively enjoy life. Why not take a bike tour with the family, go hiking in the Sesto Dolomites and enjoy our culinary delights for dinner? As our guest you may fulfil all the ideas and wishes that were on “stand-by mode” during the year.

Attractions all year round


Our region has a lot to offer for families: Take some interesting theme hikes around Villabassa. Visit an ancient castle. Have amazing fun at our folk festivals. We offer a great variety for our young guests, ensuring that your kids will never be bored. Panoramic hiking trails, child-friendly ski areas, natural points of interest like Lake Braies and cherished traditions during Easter or Christmas will turn every family holiday into something very special. The only thing you really need to do is to choose among all these fantastic possibilities!

Fun in the outdoor adventure park in Villabassa

Fun in the outdoor adventure park in Villabassa

Villabassa is a true paradise for kids: The big adventure park offers everything children wish for. While the small kids play on the playground with slides, swings and sandboxes, the older children will surely enjoy the “Adventure Land”. Here, tree houses, a slack line und a gorilla slide are waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, there is a water park with dams and floodgates. The adults will have a great time, too.

Next to the kids’ area, the “Kneipp für mich ® Aktivpark” awaits you with a bare foot path, a water treading basin, an arm and face bath, a mud pool, and an herb lawn.

The outdoor adventure park in Villabassa is always worth a visit!

The entertaining alpine circuit for the entire family

  • Olperl Nature Park

Our perfect summer highlight: The entrance to the new nature park  is right next to the Helm-Bahnen mountain station and invites visitors to meet Olperl’s best friends – in the realm of the animals’ mountain world. The circular trail is 1.2 km long and is suitable for buggies. As you walk, you’ll come across 10 special and very exciting places – with fantastic views of the Sesto Dolomites. Olperl, the hoaxster with luminous eyes as big as saucers, keeps you company along the trail

BAREFOOT in Olperl’s footprints

The highest barefoot trail in the Dolomites at 2,150 m above sea level is the healthy and enjoyable way to explore Olperl’s Nature Park. Soft moss, fragrant larch trees, stone slabs and shingle stimulate the foot reflex zones, before you immerse your feet in the cool spring water – so refreshing.

  • The family-adventure-mountain¬ Baranci

Baranci is the popular mountain for family  excursions. The 4-seater chair lift is situated 3 minutes from San Candido village centre and takes you quickly up to an altitude of 1,500 m. Flowering meadows and lush green pastures provide a wonderful playground for young and old: There are waiting highlights like the children’s highlight adventure trail, a tubing run and the fun bob. The mountain station is the starting point for many easy and medium hikes through spruce forests and up to the Baranci summit with stunning views of the Three Peaks.

  • Reindeers at the Croda Rossa mountain

Reindeer? In the Alps? Who’d have thought it? But our herd of reindeer have actually made the long journey from Finland to Croda Rossa and the third generation are now living here! You can be there when the only reindeer herd in the Alps is being fed and pick up lots of interesting and curious facts about the peculiarities of this particular deer species. The friendly four-legged friends are looking forward to your visit!

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